Welcome to Neptune Wavs, a recording studio based in Philadelphia, PA. Simply put, this is an ergonomic and creative space with smart gear and soulful instruments. This is a place where you put mics on amps and hands on faders. This is the kind of studio where the artist can focus on his job...performing. 

This is a great space to record a live ensemble. Whether you are Philly punk rockers who turn up to 11 or a Curtis string quartet you will find that my space is the perfect neutral backdrop to capture your music. This is not a closed in, foamed in bedroom. I have two rooms that are sparsely but professionally treated. There is a closed off amp/drum room that is 12x8 and there is a main room that is about twice as big but has an open stair well that stays open all the way 50ft up to the third floor ceiling of the building. This is the secret of so many pro studios: high ceilings. The sound is tight and dry but open and free. Foamed up rooms have a place but a drum kit or a piano or a band needs to have that open space for the excess sound to escape and not reflect back to the mics. 

This studio is built with the love of both analog and digital technology. You can employ the best of both worlds here. For example when you track and mix you can simultaneously use a classic console and amazing digital converters. The control of digital with the sound of analog makes recording albums effortless. It just always sounds right and the amount of control over your sound is breathtaking.

I'm always here for sessions to track and mix for your project. I'm an experienced engineer with capable ears. The rate for use of my studio and my engineering abilities is $50 per hour. I can also offer deals for clients who have a large project. This can save you serious money. If you want to make a three song demo, cover a favorite song or make a whole album I can quote a set price for your project. We would meet or chat on the phone and get a general idea of how we would achieve your goals. Then I would give you an official quote and if you agree on the terms and price we would start once you first put up half the quote. You would pay the second half upon completion of the project.